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Uniquely Immersive Prompts

No more black text on a white background - these prompts are designed to delight your music with photos, colors, gorgeous typography, and elegant design.

Writer's block? G'byyye!

Do feel like you're staring down a blank piece of paper more often than you're filling one with words?

Are you waaay too familiar with that feeling of, "My brain is a cement wall today." ?

These songwriting prompts get your creative gears turning quickly

These prompts give you fuel to fire up your songwriting, because they give you major pieces you need: Charged words, places, feelings, even imagery and a sense of time.

You'll feel the undercurrent of a story pulling at you. All you have to do is ask questions. "What's this story about?"

These prompts are great for:

  • Both beginning and advanced songwriters
  • Songwriters struggling with writer's block
  • Writers who want to create a daily writing habit

The prompts of the 5 in 5 Song Challenge aren't your academic writing prompts. They're vibrant, and come in 4 different variations.

Types of prompts include:

  • Word Sets
  • Setting Prompts
  • Title Prompts
  • Dare Prompts

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Sarah Spencer
Sarah Spencer

Hey, girl! I've been helping female songwriters find their voice since 2012. I started my blog, SongFancy, as a way to reach even more people and be a helping guide them on their songwriting exploration.

In my own career, I've won awards, had songs cut by performing artists, put out 2 records, and have been writing music for the past 20 years. Some of my proudest accomplishments include: Releasing a record with guitar legend Steve Morse, winning Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest, Best Country Song in the USA Songwriting Competition, playing multiple sold-out shows at The Bluebird Cafe, winning the Frank Brown Song Contest, and helping artists craft their messages in the writing room. I perform on stages all around Nashville and Florida. You can follow my music here: https://sarahspencer.com/xoSarahSpencer

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my prompts?
You'll get 1 email every day for 30 days with new prompt each day. (Your first prompt arrives immediately.) You'll also have the option to download all the prompts at once.
When do I get my first prompt?
Immediately! You can also download the full set of prompts right away as soon as you purchase. No waiting around to start writing! :)
Why should I care about songwriting prompts?
Songwriting prompts are AMAZING for multiple reasons: • They kickstart your creativity when you're fresh out of ideas. • They make you think outside your normal writing comfort zone. • They help you create good songwriting habits. • They help you grow as a songwriter. • They're just fun!
How do I write to a prompt?
This package comes with 4 unique types of prompts that are explained for you in the course, as well as in every email. So when you see a "Word Set" prompt come across your inbox, you'll know exactly how to tackle it! Otherwise, write to them how you please! These prompts are designed to get you writing songs you love. So if a "Word Set" sparks a completely different idea that you want to chase, chase it!
How much does this cost?
One time purchase of $19.
What if I'm not happy with my prompts? I want a refund!
If you're not so stoked about these prompts, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Any prompts that you have already will still be yours to keep. To initiate a refund, request it by email: [email protected]

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