RESOURCE: 3 Idea Generating Exercises

Here's a collection of goofy, fun, random idea generating exercises that you can always do when you're in a pinch!

Words from a Book

Grab a book and a pair of dice (or ask Google to roll the dice for you)

  1. Roll your dice once.
  2. That number is the page you'll turn to in a book. Turn to that page.
  3. Roll the dice again.
  4. That number is the paragraph. Count that many paragraphs in.
  5. Roll the dive again. That's your word number.
  6. Write down the word.

Repeat this process as many times as you want. It's a neat (and mindless) way to find interesting words that you can turn into titles, spin other ideas off of, or incorporate into a song.

Social Media Solution

Are you on social media? Do you have fans that follow you, or even a facebook page with your friends and family? Ask them to help you out:

  1. Post this prompt on your page:
    "Hi friends! I need your help with a songwriting challenge. Comment on this post with 5 random words. I'll pick a set of words and write a song using all 5 of of them, and share it with you when it's finished."
  2. Sit back and let the words roll in!
  3. Use this tool to help you pick a random set of words. (Or just pick the set you want!)
  4. Write the song. It will be difficult! That's the point.
  5. Share it with your friends and fans! Give a shoutout to the commenter with the winning words.

You can repeat this process anytime you're looking for a challenge. It's a great way to flex your muscles as a songwriter, and to interact with your supporters.

Figures of Speech Web

Here's another one that calls for a pair of dice. Grab some dice and a notebook, and open up this webpage:

  1. Open your notebook and draw a vertical line down the middle of one page, so you have 2 columns.
  2. On the left side, write down 6 idioms/figures of speech from the link above. Number them.
  3. On the right side, write down 6 more. Number them.
  4. Roll your dice.
  5. One di corresponds to an idiom in the left column, the other for an idiom in the right column. Write them both beside each other.
  6. Combine them! You'll get all sorts of interesting punny, hooky titles.

Or, you can just let The Idiomatic do it for you.

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